23 Nov 2018
Gym London

Meet Tara! When Jordane and I realised we needed an extra trainer before we opened the doors of 360Athletic, Tara Ingles was the first person I reached out to. On top of being great banter & having excellent taste in workout tunes, Tara is easily amongst the top fitness instructors I’ve ever worked alongside. Her […]

15 Nov 2018
The squat series

Back Squats: Love or loathe them they are a great full-body exercise to nail. Working the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and strengthening the core, they can help improve balance, mobility and coordination. The best part? They build power, strength and muscle.When it comes to squats, form is everything. The improper technique could is highly dangerous […]

13 Nov 2018
360 physio clinic London

Patient: “Doctor! Doctor! I slipped over on my way to the chairlift!” Doctor: “I C Y” Nothing beats the fresh alpine air in your lungs as you are making your way down the piste or traversing fresh powder creating your own tracks in untraveled paths. That true sense of freedom really can be an unbeatable […]

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