15 Jul 2019
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Many of us aim for 3/4 training sessions each week, but sometimes life can get in the way and these sessions can be clumped together to fit around your schedule, making you hit 5/6 tough training sessions in a row. This level of volume, intensity and stress on the body can take it’s toll, especially if recovery is sub-optimal. Lack of sleep, multiple client dinners and elevated levels of work stress all contribute to making it harder for busy working professionals to recover fully.

So in this week’s blog, we’re going to pin-point and cover three signs you should take a day or two off from training.


1. You’re low on energy and have felt physically exhausted for a few days.

We all have different lifestyles, some busier and more stressful than others. Therefore, for some of us recovery may take a little longer. Low energy could be due to multiple factors such as, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition or simply from being overworked. More often than not, we recommend if you’re feeling low of energy and your training has been on-point recently, maybe it’s time you take a few days off from training. Perhaps swap your tougher training sessions for some lighter activity such as some low intensity cardio (a walk, cycle ride, swimming).

2. Your body feels a bit tight and run down.

Another sign you could be due a few days rest from the gym could be if you physically feel pretty tight or run down. Consistent training with minimal recovery protocols can cause the body to tighten up and potentially gain a few minor niggles. If this is the case, possibly swap the training session for a session with a physio or spend some time taking yourself through some mobility and flexibility drills. Training through and neglecting these tight areas is likely to cause more harm than good further down the road.

3. Your easy workouts feel hard

Third and finally, if you attend a session that would typically be relatively easy for you, but feels pretty tough and wears you down faster than usual, that’s a sign to take a day or two to rest. Come back to it when you’re recovered and fuelled properly – you’ll perform and feel much better. 


At 360 we help our members through their entire fitness journey. If a rest is required, we’re here to help you recover with our physios, refuel with our comprehensive nutritional recipes and goal set with our goal strategy sessions. Interested in taking control of your health and fitness? Check out our 30 day trial!

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