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With everything going on at the moment we wanted to give something back to those that can’t quite make it to the gym but still want to train hard, workout and continue pushing themselves.
360 At Home will allow you to workout from the comfort and safety of your home. If you have basic equipment thats great, but for those that don’t, these videos will allow you to follow a well structured 30minute workout that will keep you moving, motivated and working hard.  
Ben is leading the workouts; through Prep & Prime (warm up), the workout and the Cool Down with you to ensure you do it properly. Get some loud music on (360 Style) and enjoy your workouts!

What to Expect



5 Workouts each week that will be uploaded onto the thumbnail below. They will be 30 minute workouts from start to finish, incorporating Stretching/Mobility, The Workout and Cool Down.


Access to Ben for help and support through social media and email. Reach him on our Instagram page or via email

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