15 Apr 2019
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Our modern lifestyles have us hunched over technology, this has for many of us jeopardised how  efficiently we can move and perform. Here are our top 5 tips to moving better!

1. Seek professional advice:

An excellent first step of the journey of improving your body’s movement and functionality is to have a screening form a professional. Our modern lifestyles can leave our bodies susceptible to imbalances, alignment issues and tight muscles. Often these are easily unidentifiable to us, which is why the role of a physio can have a hugely positive impact on getting you on the right track. We consider this essential in improving our members’ movement and fitness levels, which is why everyone at 360, spends time with our excellent physios to ensure that members, physios and coaches can work coherently to improve their overall wellbeing and get them to the best possible version of themselves.

2. Follow a personalised routine:

Simply stretching a little here and there isn’t enough. If you want to fix imbalances and improve mobility, it’s essential that you follow a routine. This could be provided by a professional, or developed yourself through your personal research. (Our Instagram page has some great recommendations!)

Adapting our bodies to function and move in a correct and balanced way isn’t achieved overnight, but will require consistency and repetition to ensure old habits are developed into new ones.

3. Take a sensible and balanced approach to training:

How you train can be a culprit of poor movement and mobility. Regular weight training with a lack of effective recovery work, will soon restrict your mobility and range of motion. One common imbalance that can be caused from a lack of balance within training is the rounding of the shoulders; too much pressing in comparison to pulling can cause your shoulders to roll forwards, which can bring you a range of different complications. 

Here at 360, we programme each workout throughout the week to effectively target each muscle group equally, ensuring we minimise the risk of imbalance when it comes to training. 

Using the findings from the first point mentioned, it will help you to understand in more detail how you can improve your posture and imbalances; for example: focusing on scapula retraction or thoracic spine movements, will greatly improve your upper back posture. 

Having a comprehensive understanding of where and how you can improve how your body moves, will be an essential part of your training in the gym, which is something we specialise in here at 360. 

4. Dedicate time for recovery:

Recovery is often neglected and effective recovery is usually abandoned. However, effective recovery is a key component to a successful fitness journey. The lack of recovery focused work could be what’s  holding you back from breaking through that plateau, or helping you lose that extra pound before the wedding. 

As with anything, creating healthy habits are essential for a healthy life. If you exercise regularly, we highly recommend you put 10 minutes each day aside to focus on performing some recovery work. Maybe in the morning as you roll out of bed or late in the evening on the floor in front of the TV. 

If you carry out points 1 and 2 in this list and get yourselves an effective and tailored routine, you shouldn’t need anymore than 10 minutes each day to relieve your muscles of tension and help optimise its recovery. 

5. Get up and move:

Get up and move. A major cause of decreased flexibility, mobility and the ability to move fluidly, is the lifestyle many of us live. Spending the vast majority of our day sitting at a desk, sitting on transport or relaxing after a long day at work. 

One action that would significantly help our bodies to function and operate better, is to simply move more and be more active. 

This doesn’t always mean exercise, this could mean taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking on the escalator, walking to the further bus stop, standing on the train, making a phone call whilst walking around the office or have a walking meeting.

Adding in some movement to those relaxing periods, will help to activate your muscles, fix your posture and get the blood pumping to areas that haven’t been active for a few hours.



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