07 Apr 2020

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of Pilates – where have you been?

Pilates, contrary to popular belief, won’t just give you a mega ‘core’ experience  – you’ll finish feeling like you’ve had an entire body workout! These classes focus on stability, balance, control, posture, flexibility and breathing alongside core strengthening (phew! Talk about bang for your buck). *Note our ‘core’ is not just our slabs of abs actually it consists of a group of trunk muscles including our abdominal, gluteal, back and pelvic muscles!


Simply put it’s a fun, enjoyable way to benefit from exercise.

For the runners out there, Pilates can improve your speed and running efficiency!

For those wanting to firm up their bodies, the likes of David Beckham and Andy Murray have reported this is their secret!

Fear not, all will become clear. Below we list our top 5 reasons why Pilates should be on your schedule.

1. If You’re Injured:

Contrasting to all of the ‘balls to the walls’ HIIT (high intensity interval) training out there currently, Pilates offers a low impact exercise option. You’ll still work to the point of muscular fatigue but with a key focus on maintaining movement control throughout. This makes it ideal for those currently rehabilitating or those returning to exercise following an injury or surgery.
For further injury advice book a physiotherapy appointment today!

2. If You Want To Prevent Injury:

Through building a strong core (known as your powerhouse), tension can be released from your other muscles, spinal alignment can be optimised and range of movement increased. This aids your day-to-day injury prevention.
For you sporting athletes, Pilates offers an excellent supplement to your current exercise regimes ensuring you’re fit for your sport. And if that wasn’t enough it is also brilliant for general well-being (which we could all do with a bit of right now).

3. If You Want Increased Whole Body Muscle Strength:

Strength training has a role for everyone – end of. Whatever your age we all need to be able to tolerate the physical demands of daily life. Building muscle strength is essential for improving our bones, joints and muscles. Conditioning enables us to do this. Pilates is a form of resistance training for the entire body!

4. If You Want To Optimise Mobility, Balance & Stability

Pilates gradually expands your range of motion, which over time increases your muscles flexibility – crucially control and strength is built throughout this new range. All you barbell lifters can certainly benefit, for example, through optimising your thoracic (upper) back and shoulder mobility you’ll maximise your ability to generate power. Whilst all of us can benefit from the mind-muscle connection Pilates is known to create. You’ll be thankful for the better coordination and balance you’ll find transferring into your everyday life.

5. If You Want Increased Energy

All this working from home or running around to keep the country going is draining (we salute you!). By exercising, you tap into an unlimited supply of energy; Pilates adds the action of proper breathing into your movements. Through increasing blood and oxygen flow, your cardiovascular fitness improves which will leave you feeling remarkably energised.

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