29 May 2019
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1. Not training enough:

As we all know already, nutrition is just as important as exercise; some consider nutrition to trump training when fat loss is the primary goal. However, training is still of great importance. Losing weight is the result of a consistent caloric deficit, which is achieved through burning greater calories than consumed on a consistent basis. 

Training is a huge contributor when it comes to burning calories. In some cases, a reason you may not be losing as much weight as you expect, could be due to a lack of training consistently enough. 

Unless you’re extremely active outside of this exercise, 1 or 2 workouts each week isn’t enough to achieve considerable results. At 360 we encourage people to train a minimum of 3 times per week.


2. You’re not exercising outside of the gym:

When it comes to burning calories, many of us jump straight to workouts, going out for a run or getting to the gym. But, the overall calories burnt during your workout is infact nearly always fewer than how many calories you’ll burn outside of the gym. 

We burn calories with everything we do: standing, walking, moving, fidgeting, chewing and the list goes on. So one reason you may not be losing weight is due to a lack of movement outside of your purposeful exercise and workouts. In some cases, activity outside of the gym can account for over 80% of your daily calorie burn. 

Ensure you’re moving more, using the stairs rather than the lift, walk to the shops, stand more, walk up the escalators. All these small habits will enable you to increase your daily calorie burn and therefore help you achieve that calorie deficit required for weight loss. 


3. Your workouts lack intensity:

As we all know, there are millions of workout variations and approaches. But, one common factor that all workouts must have to maximise results is Intensity. Again, this can be achieved in many ways, but one easy way to think about this is whether your heart rate is elevated throughout your workout.

A huge number of calories can be burnt whether you’re in the gym to lift weights, to smash out some cardio on the machines, a body weight only workout, or all 3 – but the intensity must be present.

One mistake many make is to take too long rest between each set or each exercise, resulting in their heart rate dropping substantially and the flow of exercise to be lost. If your goals are weight loss orientated, it’s important that you keep rest periods to a minimum (less than 90 seconds), push yourself on each set and always try to challenge yourself. 

If you’re more into cardio machines, consider performing HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts. This style will help to minimise rest periods and keep your heart rate relatively high throughout. If you’re able to easily hold a conversation throughout the vast majority of your workout, then you’re not working hard enough!



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