11 Jun 2019
Gym London

The importance of frequency when it comes to training is often underestimated. With peoples busy lifestyles it can make getting to the gym anymore than once or twice per week relatively difficult. However, an increased frequency of 3-4 sessions per week is essential if you’re serious about seeing results both visually and on a performance basis. Just once or twice per week isn’t enough.

At 360 we see the importance of training frequency and consistency and programme our sessions to match, ensuring that 3-4 small-group PT sessions per week will see our members effectively train their entire body through various movement patterns, hit compound movements whilst performing adequate aerobic conditioning also. Getting you stronger, leaner and moving better.

Moreover, with the inclusion of our SWEAT classes to supplement these sessions, members receive substantial opportunities to maximise their results. Our 30 day trial is our intro offer at just £149, joiners receive 10 small-group PT sessions to use within those 30 days, with additional unlimited classes also included within this package, members have no excuse but to train at least 3-4 times per week. 

This opportunity of 3-4 sessions per week gives all our new joiners a great opportunity to experience everything we offer at 360, whilst seeing substantial progress and results in just 30 days. 

How do we know all of our joiners see great progress in just 30 days?

At 360 Athletic we have a state of the art body composition machine that each new joiner gets access to on day one of the trial. This enables you to see a comprehensive reading of your current statistics such as weight, body fat, muscle mass, recommended calories and more. This acts as a set of starting point stats, being revisited throughout the 30 days to ensure progress is being made.

Moreover, at the beginning of the 30 days, each joiner receives a comprehensive movement screening with one of our brilliant physios. This aspect of the journey enables all joiners to address any injuries, imbalances or movement issues with our team of physios and coaches to ensure the following 30 days are tailored to you. Ensuring that in the gym, you’re training to suit YOU, addressing any injuries you may have, working alongside our physios to maximise your results whilst improving your movement and overcoming injuries. 

When you’re training to achieve specific goals and get results there are different factor that can affect the journey so we do our best to ensure our members are given the tools they need to reach their goals, such as we give 30 recipes per month, BMI testing to keep accountable, a free month of tailored supplements from Vitl and constant support from our coaches and physiotherapists.

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