09 Sep 2019

5 weeks ago we gave you 6 easy tips to cut calories. In this week’s blog post, we’re adding to that and bringing it up to 10! So let’s get to it… 1. Butter only one side of your bread – Small habits like buttering our bread when we make ourselves a sandwich is an […]

02 Sep 2019

Training is an amazing opportunity to better yourself, to improve who you were yesterday, to feel better, to look better and to move better! However, from time to time training and staying consistent with your fitness journey can feel like a chore; motivation to workout starts to fade away and being healthy with your nutrition […]

26 Aug 2019

The number on the scales should not be your primary focus! We see some clients that get disheartened when 4 weeks of hard work and healthy habits leads to minimal movement on the scales.  It’s important that you use a range of methods to measure your weight loss journey. Overall body weight is just one […]

19 Aug 2019

What is a cheat meal? Cheat meals are essentially a planned overindulgence used to help undo some of the side effects caused from being in a calorie deficit (dieting to lose weight).  An accumulation of all those cravings you’ve had the past few days, thrown into one big calorie dense meal. Sounds great, but in […]

12 Aug 2019

If you’re a newbie to training, your body will be getting a shock when you begin to workout consistently; it’s a new stress on the body and therefore, needs time to adapt to the training. This also places your body in a little bit more of a vulnerable position, your muscles, joints and central nervous […]

05 Aug 2019

Dieting for weight loss is a deliberate attempt to restrict calorie consumption to achieve a specific weight loss goal. Many popular diets that tend to get momentumn in the media have an underlying message that certain foods are either good or bad, or that specific foods are making us fat and therefore should avoid them […]

29 Jul 2019

Many of the workouts we programme for our clients here at 360 include a carry variation. A common one being a heavy ball carry or a dumbbell carry overhead.  To many, a carry style of exercise can seem unfamiliar, however we believe a carry should be utilised more often in people’s training if they’re looking […]

22 Jul 2019

Summer is here, some of us are drastically trying to lose those final few pounds before our holiday. So in this blog post we thought we’d just speak a little about fat loss touching on a few areas that may help you out! When it comes to fat loss, everybody holds fat in different areas. […]

15 Jul 2019
360 physio clinic London

Many of us aim for 3/4 training sessions each week, but sometimes life can get in the way and these sessions can be clumped together to fit around your schedule, making you hit 5/6 tough training sessions in a row. This level of volume, intensity and stress on the body can take it’s toll, especially […]

08 Jul 2019

The short answer: Yes! Let’s expand… It’s a common belief that strength is built entirely from weight training, and to a certain degree this is correct; weight training is a great method of getting stronger. However, low intensity cardio (long duration) and high intensity cardio based training (We call them SWEAT sessions here at 360) […]

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