12 Aug 2019

If you’re a newbie to training, your body will be getting a shock when you begin to workout consistently; it’s a new stress on the body and therefore, needs time to adapt to the training. This also places your body in a little bit more of a vulnerable position, your muscles, joints and central nervous […]

29 Jul 2019

Many of the workouts we programme for our clients here at 360 include a carry variation. A common one being a heavy ball carry or a dumbbell carry overhead.  To many, a carry style of exercise can seem unfamiliar, however we believe a carry should be utilised more often in people’s training if they’re looking […]

22 Jul 2019

Summer is here, some of us are drastically trying to lose those final few pounds before our holiday. So in this blog post we thought we’d just speak a little about fat loss touching on a few areas that may help you out! When it comes to fat loss, everybody holds fat in different areas. […]

01 Jul 2019
360 gym London

Summer has arrived, many of you will be going away and enjoying the warm weather for a week or two; others of you may be traveling for work and chances are you’ll be in a hotel (or a villa for you lucky ones!), meaning you’ll be away from your wonderful 360 Athletic for a few […]

24 Jun 2019
coaching London

Crunches and sit-ups manage to find their way into almost every ‘ab blast’ workout on social media. But are these crunches and sit-ups massively overrated and in fact, quite a poor exercise recommendation for most? At 360, we believe so. Specialising in Physiotherapy and small group coaching enables us to help a vast range of […]

11 Jun 2019
Gym London

The importance of frequency when it comes to training is often underestimated. With peoples busy lifestyles it can make getting to the gym anymore than once or twice per week relatively difficult. However, an increased frequency of 3-4 sessions per week is essential if you’re serious about seeing results both visually and on a performance […]

29 May 2019
360 physio clinic London

1. Not training enough: As we all know already, nutrition is just as important as exercise; some consider nutrition to trump training when fat loss is the primary goal. However, training is still of great importance. Losing weight is the result of a consistent caloric deficit, which is achieved through burning greater calories than consumed […]

19 May 2019
Gym London

A lean and defined stomach, with visible abs is widely considered a sign of being fit, healthy and in good shape. However, a strong well-developed core isn’t all aesthetics; the muscles of the core have very important functions too.  As the mid section between the lower body and upper, your core plays a vital role […]

13 May 2019
360 physio clinic London

Warm-ups are often the first thing neglected if you’re tight for time or eager to just get sweating. But this is a huge mistake, a warm-up, an effective one at that, is an essential part of any workout. At 360 athletic, we ensure all of our coaching sessions begin with a comprehensive warmup to enable […]

06 May 2019
Gym London

The rowing machine can be found in almost every fitness facility across the country, there’s a reason for this… it’s one of the best! One of only a few full-body pieces of cardio equipment, the rowing machine is a great tool to utilise in all parts of your workout. Here at 360, we love to get […]

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