Deep Tissue Therapy

Your body needs help to function optimally


Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue therapy is one of the many specialised and tailored soft tissue therapies we offer at 360Athletic. Using a creative integration of different hands on techniques, deep tissue therapy provides an outcome-oriented approach to soft tissue therapy.

This therapy is appropriate for a range of different individuals and symptoms; whether to reduce or eliminate musculo-skeletal pain; increase range of movement; or promote the positive psychological effects of touch, our specialised therapist will tailor your treatment to ensure you achieve the exact outcome you are after.

A combination of slow and deep techniques, some of which include acupressure points, trigger point therapy, and passive/PNF/AIS stretching, work to enhance and reinforce each other. This creates space and supports the body’s own healing processes, allows for a truly bespoke treatment. Because everybody responds differently to each technique in this therapy, the treatment is refined to make it specific to your needs; and therefore more effective and efficient.

From £65