26 Aug 2019

The number on the scales should not be your primary focus! We see some clients that get disheartened when 4 weeks of hard work and healthy habits leads to minimal movement on the scales. 

It’s important that you use a range of methods to measure your weight loss journey. Overall body weight is just one measurement to use and unfortunately, your total body weight on the scales can be affected by so many factors and is therefore, an inaccurate method of measurement on it’s lonesome.

Our members at 360 Athletic have access to our state of the art BMI machine, which benefits our members greatly. With readings of muscle mass, body fat percentage and an ideal total distribution measurement, they have a range of useful readings to work from and track.

Readings that we sometimes see will show no change in overall body weight, however will show a loss of body fat and gain in muscle. Although this can be discouraging for people who may be wanting to lose weight and see that overall number change, those results are in fact really good because it shows the individual has built up strength and has no doubt learnt how to perform exercises properly. Thus, allowing the individual to be in a better position than before to maximise their training and speed up their fat loss journey moving forward.

Using more subjective measurements such as the progress you see in the mirror, family member’s compliments and whether clothes fit differently, are much better methods of measuring your progress. After all, for the vast majority of us, it’s these things that are far more important to us than a number on a silly machine we stand on, right?


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