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Hone your knowledge as well as your body

Don’t let your progress stop once your session’s over. Fitness is as much about what you know as what you do. Our Journal is where we share a wealth of inspiring fitness tips, articles, interviews and stories that will switch on your fitness-focused mindset.

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29th May 2019

Activity: 3 reasons you might not be losing weight!

1. Not training enough: As we all know already, nutrition is just as important as exercise; some consider nutrition to trump training when f...

19th May 2019

Effectively training your core!

A lean and defined stomach, with visible abs is widely considered a sign of being fit, healthy and in good shape. However, a strong well-dev...

13th May 2019

Warmups: WHY and HOW to structure yours effectively! 

Warm-ups are often the first thing neglected if you’re tight for time or eager to just get sweating. But this is a huge mistake, a warm-up...

6th May 2019

3 ways to utilise a rower in your workouts

The rowing machine can be found in almost every fitness facility across the country, there’s a reason for this… it’s one of the be...

29th April 2019

The benefits of small group personal training!

The Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training! Small group coaching is something we specialise in here at 360 Athletic. We pride ourselves i...

22nd April 2019


A workout can be approached and programmed in a variety of ways. A lot of people usually break up the body into parts or particular muscle g...