22 Apr 2019
Gym London

A workout can be approached and programmed in a variety of ways. A lot of people usually break up the body into parts or particular muscle groups throughout the week. For example, on Monday, you’d focus on your back muscles and on Tuesday you’d hit your chest and shoulders.  This popular style of training has […]

15 Apr 2019
Gym London

Our modern lifestyles have us hunched over technology, this has for many of us jeopardised how  efficiently we can move and perform. Here are our top 5 tips to moving better! 1. Seek professional advice: An excellent first step of the journey of improving your body’s movement and functionality is to have a screening form […]

08 Apr 2019
360 physio clinic London

1. Understanding the fundamentals of calories and macronutrients: A calorie is a unit of energy. The calories that we consume through food and drink are made up from fats, protein and carbohydrates (and alcohol), these are known as macronutrients. Each macronutrient equates to a certain number of calories.  1g fat = 9 calories. 1g protein […]

29 Mar 2019
Gym London

1. Leave your ego at the door First things first, one pitfall many people encounter when embarking on a strength programme is their ego. Ever walked into a gym and seen somebody trying to lift much more weight than they can handle? Bright red face, shaking, with a look of regret in their eye… I’m […]

25 Mar 2019
Gym London

READ THIS FOR A PAIN FREE FUTURE, AND 2 FUNKY OFFERS 🙂 Every discipline has its own good and bad habits, and in general we are all guilty of doing too much of what we like doing (eg. running, cycling, lifting big weights etc) and not enough of what we should be doing – rehab, looking after the body, addressing weaknesses, […]

23 Nov 2018
Gym London

Meet Tara! When Jordane and I realised we needed an extra trainer before we opened the doors of 360Athletic, Tara Ingles was the first person I reached out to. On top of being great banter & having excellent taste in workout tunes, Tara is easily amongst the top fitness instructors I’ve ever worked alongside. Her […]

15 Nov 2018
The squat series

Back Squats: Love or loathe them they are a great full-body exercise to nail. Working the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and strengthening the core, they can help improve balance, mobility and coordination. The best part? They build power, strength and muscle.When it comes to squats, form is everything. The improper technique could is highly dangerous […]

13 Nov 2018
360 physio clinic London

Patient: “Doctor! Doctor! I slipped over on my way to the chairlift!” Doctor: “I C Y” Nothing beats the fresh alpine air in your lungs as you are making your way down the piste or traversing fresh powder creating your own tracks in untraveled paths. That true sense of freedom really can be an unbeatable […]

31 Oct 2018
360 physio clinic London

Welcome to ‘#JACKTHERIPPED’, our 30-day post-workout finisher programme created to push you through your limits.  Ben and Tara are becoming increasingly famous for their petrifying 360Athletic finishers. 😱☠ The nearer it gets to Halloween, the scarier they have been getting, with good reason: Our #JACKTHERIPPEDfinishers release some serious endorphins to enable you to enjoy your […]

21 Oct 2018

360Athletic Co-founders Jordane and Ben combined their expertise in physiotherapy and training to bring you the 360Athletic concept. The mission? To enable the everyday individual to #BeYourAthlete. Their trainers and health professional work alongside each other to give you to tools to reach your goals (and beyond!) to find the best version of yourself… injury […]

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