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Hone your knowledge as well as your body

Don’t let your progress stop once your session’s over. Fitness is as much about what you know as what you do. Our Journal is where we share a wealth of inspiring fitness tips, articles, interviews and stories that will switch on your fitness-focused mindset.

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26th September 2018

DeadLifting: The DO’s And DONT’s

The idea of starting deadlifting could easily seem daunting. At 360Athletic we want you to know that it’s not just achievable, but one of ...

19th September 2018

The Art of 360: London Design Festival 

We are halfway through the London Design Festival, bringing the city to life with creativity and celebrating it as a cultural hub of the wor...

2nd September 2018

Five ways to Fight the flu with Fitness!

Dreading that typical end of Summer cold that’s bound to turn up and make the end of Summer just that bit more depressing? As the seas...

20th August 2018

Weight a minute!

Weight training can be used to improve strength, speed, stamina, endurance, muscle, lose body fat, prevent injury, rehab and feel generally ...

19th August 2018

Q&A with Pippa Hunn

We chatted to Pippa Hunn, a familiar face you’ll recognise from the front of house at the 360Athletic studio! A woman of MANY talents ...

18th August 2018

Training’s got a new BFF: Physio

Usually when you think of physiotherapy, what comes to mind is injury and rehab and returning patients to their pre-injured state. But it...