02 Sep 2019

Training is an amazing opportunity to better yourself, to improve who you were yesterday, to feel better, to look better and to move better! However, from time to time training and staying consistent with your fitness journey can feel like a chore; motivation to workout starts to fade away and being healthy with your nutrition becomes progressively more difficult.

If your fitness journey starts to feel like a chore then maybe its time to rethink your goals. We advise you consider mapping out some shorter term performance related goals. Simply setting the outcome goal ‘lose weight by Christmas’ will be tough to stay focused on, for many of us, this isn’t a specific enough goal to enable a switch of our mindset when we really don’t fancy going to the gym on a cold rainy morning.


Breaking down your goals:

An outcome goal can be broken down into as many goals as you like. One recommendation would be to break your longer term outcome goal into monthly goals. Then break those goals down even further. Here’s an example:

Outcome goal:

  • Lose weight by Christmas.

Monthly goals: 

  • September – Lose 3kg this month.
  • October – Lose 2kg this month.
  • November – lose 2kg this month.
  • December – Maintain my December 1st weight through until January 1st.


These goals can then be broken down further into performance related goals to help you stay on track and heading in the right direction week after week. Here are a few examples of short term performance goals that can be set as regularly as each week.


  • Squat 50kg by October 1st.
  • Row 500m in under 2:00
  • Hold a plank for 60 seconds unbroken.

When your fitness journey starts to become overwhelming, take a step back and map out your goals. Focus on smashing your short-term milestones one at a time and soon enough a few months will have flown by and you’ll be so much closer to your big outcome goal!

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