13 Apr 2020

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

Are you experiencing knee pain during squats? No you absolutely DON’T have to stop squatting and you absolutely DON’T have to completely rest if this happens. 

Rehabilitation Rule 1 – Rest is NOT recovery.

Rehabilitation Rule 2 – Movement IS medicine. 


What you do need to do is to MODIFY your squatting to find a tolerable, comfortable level. 

Your first move, ALWAYS, when experiencing squatting pain (this applies for all types of pain!) should be to try MODIFYING your training. Try to establish your CURRENT capabilities, don’t just give up a movement, a type of training, or exercise altogether.

“HOW?” I hear you ask do you go about doing this? 

  1. To begin with simply try modifying the LOAD that you’re lifting. Does a lighter weight immediately make your squats more tolerable?
  2. Secondly try modifying the TEMPO (try to slow the lowering/eccentric phase or use pause work). Does decreasing your training intensity reduce your pain?
  3. Next you can modify your squatting DEPTH, utilise box squats to reduce your lowest position. Can you find a range you can comfortably move through?
  4. Still painful? Try to explore VARIATIONS to shift the placement of the load including elevating heels or using zercher/ front loaded squats
  5. Failing all these alternatives you can modify the TYPE of squatting try an isometric/ static squat instead of an moving/ isotonic squat. 
  6. Finally always reflect on your training PROGRAM – is it correctly formatted for you, with progressive overload and adequate leveling and recovery. 360Athletic ONLINE has a membership to suit you and provide you with a quality exercise program. What are you waiting for? Start your journey to a better stronger you today.

360Athletic can offer you a full therapist analysis  to diagnose and direct your rehabilitation alongside our bespoke NEW online training plans coordinated between our exceptional personal trainers and therapist staff to get YOU where you need to be. #beyourathlete

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