24 May 2020
Women performing deadlifts In Gym

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

Planning Your Gym Return Safely:

Strategy – Maximise reward, Minimise risk Exercise Adaptations

‘Life after lock-down’ we can sense its coming … and we are all itching to get back to our beloved barbell, sweat arena and second home from home .. THE GYM! 

BUT should we jump straight back in to where we were a couple of months ago? 

Realistically no, months have passed and therefore the body will treat the gym as a new stimulus which takes TIME to get used to IF we want to prevent injuries whilst enjoying training. 

The basic smart strategy I would advise you to follow is to ‘MAXimise reward & MINimise risk’. Remember the gym is a place to build strength and body robustness not to create injury and burn out.

360 Athletic’s Elite Trainers provide high quality programming that will help you both IN and OUT of the gym. This is integrated with our 360 Athletic Physiotherapy services to REDUCE injury risk and RECOVERY optimal function. Niggles? Book Appointment Here.

Adapting exercises to HIGH REWARD LOW RISK:

  1. Squats & Lunges 

    1. Zercher Squats, Goblet holds
    2. By loading your lower dominant moves with an anterior load you reduce your axial load and the position of the weight helps to correct your position
  2. Cardio & moving exercises

    1. Sled pushes & pulls, suitcase or farmer carry’s, bear crawls
    2. These locomotive exercises are great as they only have low skill requirements but challenge your bodies ability to stabilise  
  3. Push & Pull 

    1. Landmine versions 
    2. Again the load in a landmine position helps to correct the bodies position and aids the bodies stability whilst focusing on the action  

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