21 Jul 2018
360 Gym SW1

Meet Co-founders of 360Athletic Jordane and Ben as they share their insight into what they are hoping to create within the 360Athletic community. Discover the values that 360Athletic has been built on, from the team behind this game changing studio…

How did you get into the fitness industry?

Ben: “I first found fitness at university in Liverpool where I was studying American Literature and Renaissance Theatre. Most of the guys on the football and rugby team were hitting the weights so I thought I would start. Fast-forward 3 years and I had grown a huge love for training and pushing myself, so when I left university and was in and out of acting jobs I decided to take my personal training qualification. It was not long before I started doing more of that than acting which then bought me to London to begin my career as a personal trainer. 5 years on and its time to take what I’ve learnt even further and help even more people with 360 Athletic.”

Jordane: “Spending my teenage years suffering with consistent back pain due to scoliosis of the spine inspired me to want to learn more about the body, how it worked, and what PAIN was all about. I visited a physiotherapist once per week for a long time because my scoliosis needed regular manual therapy and rehabilitation. My physiotherapist and rehab specialist taught me so much about my body, and how to correct imbalances I had that were causing the majority of the pain. This seemed amazing to me, and really pushed me towards furthering my studies in the field. Loving sports from a young age made it a no brainer that combining my physiotherapy degree with a sports rehabilitation masters would go down a treat, and would enable me to help people of all ages and injuries be pain free!”

How is 360Athletic different to other gyms out there?

Our approach to fitness differs from others because we give our client the opportunity to start from whatever level they come in at, and provide opportunity for them to progress and develop to become the best version of themselves in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. The journey starts with a screening with one of our therapists to ensure that our clients receive a bespoke service from start to finish, that is tailored to their needs preventing injury and optimising all areas of their performance. Our mission is to find the athlete within YOU, helping you to future proof your body and become the best version of yourself.”

What or who inspires you in your own healthy lifestyle?

Jordane: “I’ve been inspired by other companies that I’ve seen who are tapping into the fitness industry by educating the public on how to live a TRUE healthy lifestyle, full of movement, and free of injury.”

Ben: “Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson, now some might think this is a weird person to pick, but this guy’s work ethic is second to none. Always positive, striving for greatness, to be the best and biggest influence on the planet, to achieve all that takes something pretty special and it’s a characteristic I strive for.”

What advice would you give someone who wants to change their relationship with fitness but doesn’t know where to start?

“It’s really important to know what you want to achieve from your fitness journey. It is also important for you to choose exercise that you enjoy so that a healthy relationship to your fitness regime can develop. Hating the exercise you do, and hating the food you eat will make you miserable. Rather than focusing on what you don’t enjoy, or what you can’t do, start by focussing on what you DO enjoy and what you CAN do.”

Why is it so important to have physio as part of your training plan?

“A physio is trained differently to a PT; we spend years being taught how the body works, how to pick up imbalance and how to diagnose and treat injury. Our physios at 360Athletic are trained and experienced in doing just that. They work side by side with our trainers to ensure that your programming is thought through, tailored, and progressive so that you will remain injury free and your performance will flourish!”

Who do you think the ideal 360Athletic client is?

“Somebody who wants to improve on themselves both physically and mentally, someone who wants to push themselves to become greater, stronger, fitter, healthier and happier. Someone who isn’t sure where to start and needs guidance from coaches and likeminded individuals.”

So, are you ready to start your journey to #BEYOURATHLETE ?

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