08 Aug 2018
360 Gym SW1

Keep things positive and FUN:

When we train we want to feel motivated and ready to rock, and the people you’re with can make a massive difference. If you spend time with supportive, like-minded people, it’s much easier to stay driven and enthusiastic about your fitness goals. So surround yourself with positive people, be positive about your results so far and use your next goal as something positive to work towards.

As a coach at 360Athletic, I’m a firm believer in giving every client a taste of what they want and need. If you want to continue doing something, it has to be engaging, and this goes for everything, not just training. If you enjoy what you are doing, it’s likely you’ll continue doing it, and in turn, you will see results and the cycle continues…

From strength conditioning to personal training, circuits to team classes, we have designed the 360 timetable to ensure you’ll never be bored with training, it’s this variety that will keep you coming back for more and improving on your already amazing results.

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