03 Jun 2019
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Nutrition is an important component of weight loss. Many of us struggle when it comes to eating well to assist in our fitness goals. Here are 3 of our top reasons why your weight loss progress may have slowed down.


1. You’re not managing your calories.

Portion sizes could be the hurdle between you and the weight loss you’re looking for. There have been many studies performed that have found out that many of us underestimate how much food (and calories) we consume on each day and each meal. 

A factor involved in this are portion sizes; you’ll hear many fitness professionals attempting to encourage you to adopt a calorie counting approach to your nutrition. For some of us, this works great. For others, it’s just not for them. However, one thing a short period of calorie counting can do is give you a relatively accurate idea of how many calories you have on your plate. After a few weeks of weighing the foods you eat, you’ll become better at ‘eyeballing’ (guessing) how much food you have on your plate. This skill will stay with you for the future and enable you to have a more accurate guess in the future. 

With a better idea of how much food is on your plate, you’ll know roughly how many calories you’re consuming in each portion and therefore have better control over your calorie intake, resulting in a fat loss strategy.


2. You’re chasing fad dieting products and neglecting real foods.

In today’s society, various dieting approaches have become more popular over the last few years. Foods have been labelled into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories, leading many people to restrict themselves from having certain foods. However, many of these ‘good foods’ and ‘bad foods’ have simply been labelled in this way to align with the diets for marketing and sales purposes, to ultimately enable companies to sell supplements and products that bring ‘instant fat loss’.

Be cautious of all the latest tricks, powders and food restriction methods these popular dieting approaches promote and suggest you follow for ‘fast results’ – they’re usually just the easiest and fastest method of wasting money.


3. Smarter food choices!

In recent years with social media and the growth of the health and supplementation industry, an awful lot of nutritional approaches and ‘diets’ have created complication and confusion amongst people. Leaving people unsure of what to eat, when to eat and the quantity. 

Eating healthily isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Try not to over-consume calories on a consistent basis. Ensure you’re getting adequate protein and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals etc.) from whole foods. Fat is not evil, in fact it’s an essential part of a healthy diet. Carbs are your friend, a primary energy source and you can eat them any time of the day! 

Strive for whole foods to take up the vast majority of your diet. Limit the amount of processed foods, consume adequate fruit and veg and avoid over-consuming sugary treats. Aside from that, eat foods you enjoy, just be conscious of portion sizes!

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