Pixie qualified from the University College of Osteopathy (Formerly British School of Osteopathy) with a Masters in Osteopathy (M.Ost) in July of 2020  and completed her Level 2 Fitness instructor and Level 3 Personal Training qualification during her final year of masters study. Pixie is qualified to treat a large number of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and manage several neurological presentations. These include sport related injuries, biomechanical imbalances, and pre and post operative rehabilitation.

To supplement hands on osteopathic treatment and medical acupuncture Pixie uses strength and conditioning to enhance recovery and provide each patient with the bespoke tailored knowledge to prevent further injury and allow them to return to doing what they love in the shortest time possible. As a National level swimmer, Pixie understands what it takes to perform at a high level and desires to help every individual reach their goal no matter how big or small it may be.

Everyone aims for health. Pixie acknowledges that everyones’ understanding of health is unique, as are their methods to achieving it, as are their beliefs that drive their actions to achieve it. It is this approach that enables her to understand the individual requirement of each person and adapt methods of treatment and management to integrate with their daily demands.

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