19 Aug 2018
360 Gym SW1

We chatted to Pippa Hunn, a familiar face you’ll recognise from the front of house at the 360Athletic studio! A woman of MANY talents she’s turned her life around this year leaving office life for a new career in fitness, never saying no to a glass of (well deserved) champagne, and has only gone and achieved incredible results at a whole host of triathlons!

“I have only started doing triathlons this year… but it’s the start of an obsession !” 



What inspired your recent career change from office life to fitfam life?

“Although I liked my previous job (office manager) the office environment was not for me. I have always been active, always worked out or played sport.

My grandpa passed away at the beginning of the year and one piece of invaluable advice he gave was ‘Don’t be afraid to make mistakes’

Life is to short to do a job you don’t love!”


What’s your power mantra?  

“I’m bloody competitive and always want to improve and beat my times. 😂”


Fave emoji?



What is it that made you start competing in triathlons? 

“I always like a new challenge and I am pretty competitive.

I saw a friend complete a triathlon last year and I thought I could do that (although the swim would be a challenge as I hate front crawl!)

At the beginning of the year, I thought why not, booked myself into a supersprint at Eaton Dorney with my friend Philly and started training!”


Do you have any tri-rituals you can share with us?

“I have got into a habit of drinking champagne and having a picnic after every Tri…. balanced lifestyle right? 😂”


How important/possible is injury prevention to you?

” It’s SO important! If you get injured it affects your training and potentially your overall result on competition day. I have had an on going hip injury (torn cartilage) Ben at  the 360 Clinic has been treating me Physio and rehab! There is no way I could of done half as well this year if it wasn’t for him fixing me!

I always make sure I warm up and cool down properly and always do my rehab exercises!”


Have you ever had an injury that could have been avoided by physiotherapy? 

“My hip has always bothered me and gets worse when I run.

Jordane (360Athletic Co-Founder) has treated me in the past every so often but I never really followed up with regular treatment and rehab. This year I have as I have been competing and with a career change into the fitness industry, I needed to fix myself. I should of done it 2 years ago! Lesson learnt the hard way.”


What have you learnt about the link between physio and fitness since starting to work with the 360 team?

“Your body is a temple ! If it is broke get it fixed it will help with how you perform / move / pain prevention.”


What is your race-day warm-up/cool down routine?

“Warm up – gentle jog, lots of dynamic stretches especially for the arms as swim is first and I do some of my rehab exercises with my band.

Cool down – lots of stretching, foam roll and Epsom salt bath.”


Have you ever had a seriously notable ‘mind over matter’ moment where you’ve thought your way through a hurdle?

“At Blenheim Tri my hip injury was causing me a lot of pain, I shouldn’t really of been competing but I had entered and paid so was determined. The run was awful so painful and I limped round I really had to dig deep and motivate myself to finish. It was worth it.”


Who inspires you?

“My family especially my mum and grandpa both are incredibly sporty and done very well in their sporting achievements.

Cliche but Brownlee brothers – amazing athletes. just started reading the autobiography.”


Any tips for people looking to try a tri? Or trying to improve? 

“Don’t be scared just do it! It’s an amazing experience and super fun. All the events are so well organised and everyone is so encouraging. There are plenty of training camps out there who will help. I went to regular swimming lessons with RG Active at Hampstead Heath to teach me to swim open water. It was aimed at beginners! It was so helpful, relaxed and fun.

It doesn’t matter what level you are everyone is welcome at the tri events, which is what I love about that day!

The only way to improve is just to make time to train – swim, cycle and run!

Also, make sure you get a wetsuit that fits you and you know how to put it on and practise open water before the day!

Come to see me at 360 front of house for more tips 😜”


Whats your self-care hack?

“I run or go on a dog walk by myself. I also have a bubble bath with a cup of tea normally camomile and watch something atm Suits. I do a face mask once a week. And (try to) always eat healthily.”


You have braggers-rights for this next question, what’s been your biggest ‘proud of me’ moment so far?

“This year making the decisions to do a big career change to do something I love.

Also completing all my triathlons especially my first one when I realised I was the first girl to cross the line !

Being part of the U21 East of England Dressage team.”


Pippa Hunn – Front of House

Triathlon achievements:


Eaton Dorney Sprint Weekend (Supersprint distance) 2018


Swim 8:11 (400m)

Cycle 43:56

Run 23:31

3 out of 86 (women)

1 out of 11 (age cat)

1st female to cross the line in my wave


Blenheim 2018 ( hip injury – slow run )


Swim 15:03

Cycle 40:51

Run 29:56

87 out of 1320 (women)

10 out of 201 (age cat)


Eaton Dorney Human Race (Shock Absorber – Women only) 2018


Swim 17:36 (no wetsuit)

Cycle 40:41

Run 24:36

16 out of 180 (women)

3 out of 30 (age cat)


AJ Bell London Tri 2018


Swim 15:58

Cycle 37:27

Run 30:07

21 out of 496 (women)

8 out of 131 (age cat)

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