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19th August 2019

Ending the ‘cheat meal’ mindset!

What is a cheat meal? Cheat meals are essentially a planned overindulgence used to help undo some of the side effects caused from being in a...

12th August 2019


If you’re a newbie to training, your body will be getting a shock when you begin to workout consistently; it’s a new stress on the body ...

5th August 2019

6 tips to cut your calories

Dieting for weight loss is a deliberate attempt to restrict calorie consumption to achieve a specific weight loss goal. Many popular diets t...

29th July 2019

Why we perform carry exercises!

Many of the workouts we programme for our clients here at 360 include a carry variation. A common one being a heavy ball carry or a dumbbell...

22nd July 2019

The truth about fat loss!

Summer is here, some of us are drastically trying to lose those final few pounds before our holiday. So in this blog post we thought we̵...

15th July 2019

3 signs that you should take a day off from training.

Many of us aim for 3/4 training sessions each week, but sometimes life can get in the way and these sessions can be clumped together to fit ...