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Our Exclusive Running Injury Recovery Package is the best way for you to recover from injury, and run like a pro. Our expert running specialised Senior Osteopath will guide you from injury diagnosis, through to injury recovery and technique optimisation.

Package Benefits:

  • Injury diagnosis and full, longterm recovery
  • Minimised injury risk allowing consistent pain free running
  • Increase in specific strength & endurance resulting in improved muscle how ¬†tolerance to
  • Improved proprioception & awareness allowing increase in gait & muscle recruitment
  • Improved mobility & movement in daily movement/running gait

What you get in this Exclusive Programme for £350 instead of £500:

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Our Senior Osteopath will spend some time discussing your injury and goals and then perform a full assessment to identify a clear diagnosis of your injury. This session is where treatment will begin - This is the first step to starting your recovery!
Running Assessment

Running Assessment

Your specialised therapist will perform a full running assessment using a treadmill and video feedback. In this session gait optimisation will occur, in order to start your journey towards running more efficiently, to recover from injury and prevent future speed bumps!
Follow Up

Follow Up

This session will follow on from your consultation and running assessment. Here you will be given the tools required to take home the most suitable rehabilitation exercises, training programming and advice.

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