15 Nov 2018
The squat series

Back Squats: Love or loathe them they are a great full-body exercise to nail. Working the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and strengthening the core, they can help improve balance, mobility and coordination. The best part? They build power, strength and muscle.

When it comes to squats, form is everything. The improper technique could is highly dangerous and could lead to injury but done correctly, you are definitely on your way to building the perfect peach!


The set up:

• Put your hands just outside shoulder width apart
• Make sure you have a full grip on the bar
• Point your elbows down, in line with the torso
• Have the bar resting on upper traps
• Stand with your feet around shoulder width apart
• Toes pointing slightly out
• Hips and knees fully extended

The Execution:

• Maintaining braced midline and tight back, initiate by driving with legs so that bar moves off the floor and knees move back.
• Once the bar passes the knee, engage glutes and drive hips through so that the hips are full extended, and torso is upright.
• To return to start for next rep, initiate by sending hips back and shoulders forward until bar passes the knee, when you can allow hips to lower and knees to bend until bar reaches the floor.

Things To Avoid:

• Initiate the movement by only bending knees. This will shift weight too far forward and put you off balance and usually reduce the range of movement
• Tilting hips forward, this closes joint space at front of the hip and can give a pinching sensation
• Shooting hips up early when standing up
• Letting knees collapse inside of your knees
• Coming into your toes or too far into heels so that toes lift

Our coaches specialise in one-to-one and small group coaching to ensure you get not only the support you need but also the technical advice to perfect your technique when you train.

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