31 May 2020
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By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

How To Avoid Effects Of Prolonged Sitting 

Are you WFH? The majority of us are and for how long is still unclear so its best we tackle this issue head on (& let’s face it even when we do return to the office sitting is still a huge problem especially when regarding back pain issues). If you are or have started to feel the effects of stress that prolonged sitting places on the body this article is for you!

Common effects of prolonged sitting postures:

  • Tight Lower Backs
  • Stiff + Sore Necks
  • Tension Headaches
  • Weak/Numb Gluteal Muscles 

360Athletic’s Six Top Tips: 

1)MOVE every 30minutes – That’s right even whilst you’re reading this get up from that chair! Give your body a CHANGE in posture it will be delighted. Regularly changing up your position and actually getting up and moving round your ‘office’ helps avoid lengthy periods of unbroken sitting posture. In the same way our arms certainly wouldn’t like being stuck overhead for hours on end, the back too acts the same so let’s give it a bit more TLC through freedom to move.

2)Optimise your set up with these two options

Sitting Desk: Ensure you have a supportive chair with your laptop at eye level.









Standing desk: If able to find somewhere were you can work in a standing position.









3)Get active (& outdoors) – Prioritise this! Exercising daily is known to have huge mental and physical benefits. Try out our free first 360Online training session for some quality exercise programming. Go for a walk outdoors and breathe in that fresh air to renew your mind and get your body active after sitting still – aim for at least 30 minutes. 

4)Restore some balance with a foam roller or rolled up towel – To balance out the prolonged flexion position our thoracic (mid-back) spine has in sitting, simply lie on your form roller/ rolled up towel to deliver the opposite – extension of your thoracic spine. 

5)Make a massage ball (a tennis ball is a great resource here)Lie on the floor or lean against a wall onto your tennis ball find a particularly tender area and gently move over this area or even hold in specific positions to target those ‘tight’ spots. This is great for helping release some build up muscular tension – it can also help to alleviate those nasty headaches. 

6)Mobilise your joints + wake up your muscles 

    • Sitting causes tight hip flexors, and long weak glutes
    • Use these exercises to stretch out those hips & wake up those glutes

For further information and to benefit from a 1:1 session book physiotherapy appointment now!

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