21 Jul 2018

What is it like to start your 360Athletic journey, and take the first steps to be your athlete?

Every journey starts with the same first steps, an initial consultation with your Clinic therapist who will take you through a movement screening to pick up on any movement dysfunction or imbalance, as well as a review of any current injury you are dealing with. Your therapist will then join forces with your trainer to ensure that your training plan starts exactly where you need it to start, and progresses consistently within your capacities, taking you out of your comfort zone only when you are ready, and it is safe!

Your Training:

Your selected 360 Package is designed to best suit your personal goals as well as considering any injury recovery or prevention or challenges you are undertaking. The fitness aspect will combine small group coaching with challenging group sessions to maximise your training results.

The semi-private training gives you the chance to work with a dedicated trainer in a group of a maximum of 4 clients, so you get specific attention to your needs. These sessions will coach you through exercises that focus on perfecting your technique to see incredible results. Your dedicated training will push you to improve, leaving you feeling like you’ve made great achievements in every session.

360 group training gives you a chance to be part of a community of like-minded athletes on a mission! You will work and sweat like never before. These classes involve less of the heavy and technical lifting and more conditioning work, complimenting your training and physiotherapy to maximise your progress.

Your Support:

“I was first referred to Jordane for a torn muscle in my leg – the service I received was truly amazing and provided a holistic approach to repairing the muscle and rebuilding my strength to ensure it did not happen again. More importantly, she did not just focus on the affected areas but helped fix the underlying issues that had caused the problems in the first place. I am now back to training again and feel much stronger than I have in a long time.” – Catherine, 360 physiotherapy client.

Unlike any other fitness studio you’ve been to our trainers work in partnership with the physio team to adapt your training for maximum impact. We cater to all different needs whether it’s physiotherapy for maintenance with bi-weekly screenings to monitor your movements and look for asymmetries or imbalances, we will advise and adjust them accordingly. We will also work you through rehabilitation programmes to Aird the adjustments and target imbalances, communicating with your trainer to ensure your programme is adjusted accordingly.

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