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Massage Therapist

Dana is passionate about health and fitness and is an exceptional sports massage therapist with deep knowledge of the way the body works and how to approach different injuries, using sports massage therapy as an efficient and tailored treatment technique.

Dana is committed to guiding the everyday athlete to move better and more efficiently, and to help them recover faster and become injury free.

She has not only gained experience in clinic, but she has also worked with all levels of athletes at various events and competitions; most recently she was part of the massage team working with top female athletes at the Eastbourne International Tennis Tournament.

As well as being a sports massage therapist, Dana has worked as a Personal Trainer for over 5 years, specialising predominantly in pre & post natal training.

She started working with pre & post natal clients after recognising that there was a level of uncertainty in what exercises these ladies could and couldn’t do whilst being pregnant or in their post partum phase. Being able to help women throughout their pregnancy, restoring their confidence and seeing the positive effects of their work is what she finds most rewarding.

For this reason Dana is now working toward her pre and post natal massage therapy qualifications and designing a combined core programme to help all the mums-to-be stay active and prepare for birth as well as helping new-mums recovering efficiently post birth.

Dana loves Training; she believes that variety is key, so she loves mixing different disciplines, from crossfit & weightlifting and anything which involves lifting heavy objects, to Muay Thai and paddle-boarding.

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