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9th September 2019

Tips to cut your calories (part 2)

5 weeks ago we gave you 6 easy tips to cut calories. In this week’s blog post, we’re adding to that and bringing it up to 10! So let’s...

2nd September 2019

Keeping on track with your fitness goals!

Training is an amazing opportunity to better yourself, to improve who you were yesterday, to feel better, to look better and to move better!...

26th August 2019

Focus less on what the scale says!

The number on the scales should not be your primary focus! We see some clients that get disheartened when 4 weeks of hard work and healthy h...

19th August 2019

Ending the ‘cheat meal’ mindset!

What is a cheat meal? Cheat meals are essentially a planned overindulgence used to help undo some of the side effects caused from being in a...

12th August 2019


If you’re a newbie to training, your body will be getting a shock when you begin to workout consistently; it’s a new stress on the body ...

5th August 2019

6 tips to cut your calories

Dieting for weight loss is a deliberate attempt to restrict calorie consumption to achieve a specific weight loss goal. Many popular diets t...