29 Apr 2019
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The Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training!

Small group coaching is something we specialise in here at 360 Athletic. We pride ourselves in taking a group of up to 4 clients through a semi-private personal training session ensuring that each and every member receives the attention and support needed to have a great workout tailored to their goals, how they feel and how they move.

Small group coaching has its own unique benefits that make it a number one choice for many. This blog post will discuss the top 3 benefits to small group coaching.

1. Support

Comrardarie within a fitness setting has been shown over recent years to be extremely effective and building this community feel within a fitness environment has a number of benefits.

Something we focus heavily on at 360, is developing accountability, adherence and a little friendly competition throughout our member community. Training in this small group setting brings excitement and creates an energy in the sessions that encourages you to push yourself and your peers harder.

2. Motivation

There’s a significant motivational boost in our small group coaching sessions at 360. The energy of the room combined with the support our members and coaches give to one another throughout the sessions increases everybody’s motivation and gets people pushing themselves each and every workout.

Members becoming friendly with one-another providing banter and friendly competition, which helps to push people to outperform their last session and strive to smash the workout.

Having a group of people around you, going through the same struggles in each workout has been proven to be more motivational than training on your own, as it pushes people to work harder – which is exactly why many people choose small group coaching.

3. Tailored Personal Training

For some people, 1-2-1 personal training can feel extremely intimidating. It may also be the case that you feel much more suited to the energy that a small group coaching session offers.

You may be thinking, “but, what if I can’t keep up with the other people in the group?”, don’t worry – the workouts and exercises can be manipulated and changed to suit each person’s ability. It is still personal training, however just with a few people being coached at the same time.

Never tried a small group coaching session before? Why not come along and have a free taster session! Click Here for more information.

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