10 Jun 2020

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

The big fear for many of us women is that lifting weights will make us look (gasp) ‘bulky’.

However this is far from the truth! To truly gain a ton of muscle mass you need to dedicate many many years to building and even then it is  extremely difficult! Plus it is HIGHLY unlikely to happen when we women start strength training, as our hormonal profile is different to men (hello estrogen). 

In actual fact strength training can be defined as any movement or exercises which place increased demand on our muscles and central nervous system. So most movements can be thought of as strength training! For example using your own body weight in moves such as press ups and squats is a great starting point and they provide the foundational strength and technique from which you can then begin to add weights.. if you wish! Read more about how effective training can still happen without the gym or loads of equipment (thanks lock-down) here. 

It’s that ‘toned’ look so many of us women are after right? Well that IS achieved by simply having pure muscle mass with decreased body fat. Not only will strength training get you there it is now widely accepted that strength training is an ESSENTIAL component to any well-balanced, smart-designed training program. ESPECIALLY true in us females, as there are SO many OTHER benefits to strength training. Below we have provided some of the top reasons so get ready to sign up to 360 Athletic because you NEED to jump on board.


6 Benefits Of Strength Training For Women:


  • Achieve The ‘Toned’ Look/Aesthetics  

Strength and weight training is a great way to shape your body by adding lean tissue (hello definition). Plus it helps to increase your metabolic rate (energy you use at rest) making it easier to maintain your weight.


  • Strong Foundations = Reduced Risk of Injury

By training under load we are training in a functional way which will make all our everyday movement much easier this protects us from getting injured in the first place AND makes sure if we do hurt ourselves with can bounce back quickly! 


  • Stronger Bones 

Weight training places a load on our bones which helps to increase bone density and make them stronger! As we get older inevitably our bone mineral density begins to decline but through strength training we can delay (even reverse in some cases) bone loss!


  • Better Posture (and more confidence!)

Proper strength training with specific exercises can really improve posture and help keep the body in an evenly balanced, well-proportioned better upright position. Not to mention when you feel better you ooze more confidence which in term helps promote a better posture frame.


  • Improved Mental Health

This new self-confidence helps build your self esteem and body image empowering a more positive effect on your mental health. Plus anxiety, stress and depression can all be eased by the well known ‘endorphin buzz’ post-exercise caused by chemicals released during strength training. (And what’s better than feeling super strong!)


  • Longevity

Strength training is amazing for keeping us as medically healthy as possible with positive effects on pretty much the whole body: muscle mass, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart, lungs, immune system. Yep it really is the real deal!

360 Athletic has the highest quality trainers and physical therapy team who will help you achieve your goals. So if you are unsure about where to start with adding effective strength training to your current regime we are here to help! View our services here and take a look at our free downloadable resources.

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