17 Jun 2020

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

This article is going to be short and sweet – there is SO much detailed information out there regarding the best core exercises (good and garbage I might add). However as a lover of exercise I appreciate that actually the most important thing you will want to know is:

WHAT is the core? HOW do I train it? WHICH exercises should I do? 

So to make things nice and easy for you I have collected together the best core exercises! (you can thank us later). They are split into groups to ensure you target the WHOLE core, especially core stability, alongside pictures of the area they are targeting.

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WHAT is the core?

The best core exercises will train the muscles in lower back, hips, pelvis AND your abdomen to work in harmony to create core stability. This leads to better balance and dynamic stability, whether in the gym, playing sports, running or in everyday daily activities.

HOW do I train it? WHICH exercises should I do?

Here’s 360 athletics top picks… enjoy! 

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  • WHAT are we targeting?

Static (Isometric) Strength – Resisting movement forward (abdominals)

  • WHICH exercises? 

RKC Plank

4 point kneeling superman 

  • WHAT are we targeting?

Static (Isometric) Strength – Resisting movement sideways (obliques)

  • WHICH exercises? 

Kneeling Pallof press 

Side Plank 

  • WHAT are we targeting?

Deep abdominal strength – Recruiting deep muscles to prevent flaring or lengthening

  • WHICH exercises? 

Dead bug with controlled rib cage breathing and arm over head

Roll outs with controlled rib cage breathing 

  • WHAT are we targeting?

The ‘back’ of your core strength – 

  • WHICH exercises?

Bridge variation

Prone W scapular raises 

  • WHAT are we targeting?

Single leg balance 

  • WHICH exercises? 

Single leg ball throws 

High plank leg and arm off 

  • WHAT are we targeting?

Functional core strength in training

  • WHICH exercises?

Wood chops 

Running man plank

And there you have it! Obviously there are many, many, MANY other variations and exercises out there but these are my pick of the top exercises to scientifically TARGET that core. Follow our workout at the top of this page for a great way to start the day!

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