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The Clinic

Give your body the chance to be its best

True fitness is all about getting a balance. In training, you push your body, so it makes good sense that you also make time to protect and heal it. Run by our experienced experts, the Clinic offers a range of supportive therapies, focusing on movement, imbalances and injuries, helping you to get the maximum benefit from your training.


The Clinic

The clinic is where you will begin your process to become your athlete; One of our experienced clinicians will assess you to ensure that we tailor your coaching to the T. Once your assessment is carried out, your clinician will report to your trainers on any imbalances, injuries, do’s and don’t’s that will maximise your performance, reduce risk of injury and ensure you are progressing each time you visit 360Athletic.

If you are not a member don’t worry, we are here to help either way. Book an appointment with one of our specialists to get an injury diagnosed or an imbalance identified, and to begin your personal journey to becoming the best version of you, injury and pain-free, of course!

The clinic is run by our sister company Function360 based on London Wall, who have been referred to as the ‘leading in sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation and movement in London’ by the elite in the fitness industry.