The Clinic


The clinic is where you will begin your process to become your athlete; One of our experienced clinicians will assess you to ensure that we tailor your coaching to the T. Once your assessment is carried out, your clinician will report to your trainers on any imbalances, injuries, do’s and don’t’s that will maximise your performance, reduce risk of injury and ensure you are progressing each time you visit 360Athletic.

If you are not a member don’t worry, we are here to help either way. Book an appointment with one of our specialists to get an injury diagnosed or an imbalance identified, and to begin your personal journey to becoming the best version of you, injury and pain-free, of course!

The clinic is run by our sister company Function360 based on London Wall, who have been referred to as the ‘leading in sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation and movement in London’ by the elite in the fitness industry.




We offer tailored physiotherapy for those suffering with any injury or pain. We also offer treatment and rehabilitation for those wanting to prevent injury completely – talk about being proactive!

We work with those who are more sedentary, all the way through to the professional athlete. We specialise in injury diagnosis, treatment and prevention and we completely tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs.

Our physio’s use a specialised diagnosis and treatment approach that differs to most physio practices; By combination manual therapy (hands on) with rehabilitation (exercise and corrective movement), we ensure that your symptoms are not just masked, but we actually ensure that we CURE the cause and enable you to become pain free forever.



Sports Therapy is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury with the integration of tailored rehabilitation. Regardless of age, ability and goals, we will bring you back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness.

By utilising the principles of sport and exercise, incorporating physiological and pathological processes, we are able to prepare you for training, competition and where applicable, work.



Our goal isn’t to help you recover from your injury temporarily; we want to target the cause and put it to bed! We put a big focus on guiding you through the entire process of recovery. This will ensure that you will not relapse following this process, with progression being ongoing for the long term.

We use a combination of manual therapy with rehabilitation and corrective exercise where needed. This helps to improve movement patterns, achieve muscle balance and prevent relapse.

Each movement and/or exercise you carry out will be fully explained to you, and demonstrated, until you are confident with the movement and performing it correctly. We want you to be able to apply what you learn with us to your day to day life, improving performance each day, and preventing injury and pain in the future.



Using tailored sports massage in combination with physiotherapy and rehabilitation ensures that you are getting an all round approach, to fully recover from your injury. Using sports massage as a maintenance tool will minimise your risk of injury, and optimise your performance in everything you do day-to-day.

Our experienced massage therapists are trained to tailor their treatments to your needs. Rather than battering and bruising the muscles using a ‘one pressure fits all’ approach, using a tailored deep but controlled pressure, promotes a more long term benefit.



Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique. It involves applying gentle, slow and deep sustained pressure into the connective tissue restrictions, eliminating pain and restoring motion.

Fascia is the connective tissue of the body, and by working into the fascia, pain related to poor posture, muscle shortening and muscle tension will be relieved!



Deep Tissue therapy is one of the many specialised and tailored soft tissue therapies we offer at 360Athletic. Using a creative integration of different hands on techniques, deep tissue therapy provides an outcome-oriented approach to soft tissue therapy.

This therapy is appropriate for a range of different individuals and symptoms; whether to reduce or eliminate musculo-skeletal pain; increase range of movement; or promote the positive psychological effects of touch, our specialised therapist will tailor your treatment to ensure you achieve the exact outcome you are after.

A combination of slow and deep techniques, some of which include acupressure points, trigger point therapy, and passive/PNF/AIS stretching, work to enhance and reinforce each other. This creates space and supports the body’s own healing processes, allows for a truly bespoke treatment. Because everybody responds differently to each technique in this therapy, the treatment is refined to make it specific to your needs; and therefore more effective and efficient.