22 Jul 2019

Summer is here, some of us are drastically trying to lose those final few pounds before our holiday. So in this blog post we thought we’d just speak a little about fat loss touching on a few areas that may help you out!

When it comes to fat loss, everybody holds fat in different areas. For males, fat tends to linger around the stomach and lower back. For females, it’s the legs and hips. However, of course everybody is different and holds fat differently. Many of us hope to lose fat in these specific areas, resulting in people attempting to find the secret to burning fat just around the stomach area or just around the thighs. Unfortunately, you cannot choose where your fat is stored or where it’s lost. 

The truth is that unlike muscle building where you can choose to work a specific area, with fat loss you have to focus on losing fat in general. With consistency and patience you’ll see fat loss in those specific areas, as well as the rest of the body of course. However, you cannot burn fat in a particular region by simply smashing a bunch of exercises targeting that area. 


3 Fat Loss Essentials:

  • Eat in a caloric deficit – Burning a greater number of calories than you consume will place you in this deficit. Therefore, use general exercise and training as a tool to bump up your calorie burn, whilst managing your calorie consumption in order to achieve this deficit consistently.


  • Move more – Think of movement as a tool to burn more calories. Calories are burnt during everything that we do, training in the gym is just one activity that burns calories. Our general movement throughout the day – walking to the shops, standing at your desk, going up the stairs stairs and even opening the door, all burn calories. So be efficient with these, make smarter choices to increase your calorie burn, for example: walk the escalator instead of standing, stand at your desk instead of sitting, walk to the supermarket further away to pick up lunch. Making these smaller decisions will add up and result in a greater calorie burn over the week.


  • Lift weights and get strong – Lifting weights and getting stronger will help to retain a greater proportion of your muscle as you lose weight. This will keep you healthier and more able with everyday activities. Moreover, strength training if done intensely, is an excellent method of burning a really high number of calories. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose fat and have no muscle underneath!



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