09 Sep 2019

5 weeks ago we gave you 6 easy tips to cut calories. In this week’s blog post, we’re adding to that and bringing it up to 10! So let’s get to it…

1. Butter only one side of your bread – Small habits like buttering our bread when we make ourselves a sandwich is an opportunity for you to cut calories. It may not seem significant, this is because we’re so used to adding butter without thinking. However, if you’re consuming 5 buttered sandwiches per week, you could be increasing your weekly calorie intake by 500 calories! So, the next few times you make yourself a sandwich – try to implement this and see how it goes!

2. Don’t drown your food in ketchup – Having additional sauce with your meal is extremely common in the UK. For many of us, a dollop of ketchup on the side of the plate is a must, but is this an area where calories could be cut? Of course! Reducing your sauce consumption, cutting it out all together or finding an alternative could reduce your weekly caloric intake by hundreds of calories.

3.Opt for zero calorie/sugar free/ diet drinks – Fizzy drinks are a highly discussed topic in the health and fitness industry. There’s research that points into one direction, with some media sources pointing in the opposite – it’s a controversial area of discussion. Avoiding getting into the trenches of this topic, we’re just going to skim the surface with one piece of advice on this: caloric intake alone, try opting for the zero sugar options. Of course products such as these should be consumed in moderation anyway, however if a zero sugar option is on the table, grab that one instead!

4.Say no to cream in your Starbucks coffees – Coffee is again, consumed in huge amounts across the country, with hundreds of coffee chains down every high street, you’re never far from picking up a quick coffee. The vast majority of coffee options from high street chains contain many more calories than most of us realise. Moreover, they all offer to put cream on top of your drink – this is one addition we can say no to to help reduce your caloric consumption.

There you have it! A further 4 small decisions you can make throughout your week to reduce your overall calorie consumption. Each tip individually may not make much of an impact, but taking action on all tips from both part 1 and 2 of this blog, will drastically reduce your calories and help get you into that caloric deficit required for fat loss.

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