27 Apr 2020

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic


Yes, unfortunately any new training regime can cause injury if not carefully & intelligently programmed.

Do you let that stop you exercising and reaping the endless benefits, enjoyment and rewards? Absolutely not. HOWEVER injury prevention is much preferable to injury management, therefore knowing the best ways to AVOID injury is a NON-NEGOTIABLE must lesson for all of us.


The rise of free online workouts is incredible during this period of lock-down. BUT this can become a recipe with too many ingredients, a lack of logical processes and no cooking time (apologies baking puns are not my forte). Basically if you suddenly give your body TOO many NEW stimulus’s TOO quickly (i.e. without adequate recovery) then niggles can start to develop.

Why? Simply your tissues do not have time to ADAPT. This subjects them to TOO MUCH OVERLOAD, TOO QUICKLY. They are unable to tolerate this and you end up with an extremely annoying (and completely unnecessary) set back. For quality programming and exercise content which will get you stronger and fitter without overloading you:


How do I Prevent Injuries?

Lesson 1: Awareness

Knowing that if you have sudden ‘spikes’ in your training load then this will massively increase the likelihood of injury is the first step to prevention.

Lesson 2: Remembering Your Normal

If you are someone that pre-isolation (if you can even remember that!) trained 4 sessions per week and now you have increased your training to 2 sessions a day, 7 times per week (total 14 sessions) – then yes this is a clear sudden spike in your training regime. Unfortunately there is a very high chance that your body over time will be unable to cope, resulting in possible injuries.

Lesson 3: Gradual Exposure

The key thing to understand is carrying out TOO MUCH, TOO SOON increases the risk of injury dramatically. The body was built to ADAPT and get stronger & fitter HOWEVER it needs adequate TIME for this to happen. When introducing a new stimulus e.g. running due to gym closures, be sure you follow a good program that GRADUALLY increases the intensity at a pace your body can cope and keep up with.

Lesson 4: High Quality Programs

Following a high quality training program designed by a professional is a must! Spend your time and energy working towards goals which will actually happen without unnecessary fatigue, pain or injury. Here at 360 we offer a range of ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS that WILL get you to reach your goals without compromising your body.

Take Home Message:

If you have just started home workouts, running, HITT etc – WELL DONE! This is a good thing and I am certainly not here to stop you improving your health and well-being. HOWEVER as a physiotherapist it is important to educate you on the importance of graded, gradual exposure to new stimulus’s in a gentle manner. In order to improve your tolerance for this new style of training and improve your general physical preparation to PREVENT unnecessary injuries.

For quality programming and exercise content which will get you stronger and fitter without overloading you get started with 360 ONLINE TRAINING.

For injury management book a VIRTUAL PHYSIOTHERAPY APPOINTMENT today.

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