12 Aug 2019

If you’re a newbie to training, your body will be getting a shock when you begin to workout consistently; it’s a new stress on the body and therefore, needs time to adapt to the training. This also places your body in a little bit more of a vulnerable position, your muscles, joints and central nervous system hasn’t experienced this stress before (or certainly not for a while). It’s for this reason that we strongly advise that beginners spend time working on the basics and building a solid foundation of strength, before progressing on to more complex movements or styles of training.

We advise that if you’re a beginner with minimal to zero experience in the gym, to spend time performing bodyweight and weight based compound movements primarily. Building the confidence and strength throughout the entire body to perform compound exercises and movement patterns correctly with great form. Once this foundation of strength has been built in these movement patterns then it’s time to progress.

At 360 we cater for all levels, our member base spans from confident and experienced lifters, down to first time gym goers. We pride ourselves on creating an environment that welcomes all levels of exercise experience. Our excellent coaches are highly skilled at ensuring that no matter your level of experience, you’ll still get a great workout that’s personalised to your goal, experience and how you move.

So if you’re worried about taking that initial step into taking control of your health and fitness, there’s no need to be. At 360 we ease everybody in at the level that suits them ensuring they’re comfortable and best set up for success.

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