18 Apr 2020

Let’s get VIRTUAL! Let’s get PAIN-FREE! & Let’s get FIT!

By Victoria Athey BSc MSc MCSP. Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist at 360Athletic

Don’t delay, reaching your goals now. Yes sadly we are in lock-down but do not let that stop you getting started on your rehab journey. Book a virtual physiotherapy appointment today to get quality physiotherapy assessment and treatment from the comfort of your home.

Maybe I Should Just Wait ?

Absolutely not!

Research shows that if injuries and conditions are managed correctly from the early stages people recover faster and this helps prevent problems from becoming bigger in the future. Don’t put your rehab on hold, your pain will only get worse.

But What Can I Expect From A Virtual Appointment?

A full assessment of the condition or injury.

Typically this will include questioning about your problem and then your therapist will ask you to perform certain movements on the video call to screen and assess your function. You will be provided with advice and exercises on treating and managing your condition. If you wish we can work with our personal trainers to adapt your current 360Athletic Training program (link).

I’m Still Not Sure If You Can Help With My Problem? 

We can help with all problems small to large – We have got you covered:

  • WFH pain? We can help! We can fix your desk set-up. Give you a mobility routine. And ensure you’re pain free.
  • New injury or running pain? We can help! We can help you recover, progress and move pain-free.
  • Training Program Issues? We can help! 360Athletic provides a unique combination of skill sets: physiotherapist and personal trainers working together to design quality programs (360Online) bespoke to you that WILL get you stronger and fitter. We are also able to offer adjustments to current programs if necessary (book a physiotherapist session to get started)
  • Worried about your physical health? We can help! Virtual rehab in the comfort of your home will allow you to optimise your physical health. Whilst 360Online can help you to optimise your fitness and health. 

Let us help you to BeYourAthlete.

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