22 Apr 2019
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A workout can be approached and programmed in a variety of ways. A lot of people usually break up the body into parts or particular muscle groups throughout the week. For example, on Monday, you’d focus on your back muscles and on Tuesday you’d hit your chest and shoulders. 

This popular style of training has become popular from typical bodybuilding workouts over the last 20 years. However, in recent years, full body workouts have picked up momentum and have been proved to be more effective for the everyday person seeking that wholesome fit, healthy, functional and aesthetic physique. 

At 360, we take pride in the knowledge behind the exercises and also the energy we inject into our workout programming. We encourage that our members attend multiple sessions throughout the week that enable them to have 3 or 4 full-body workouts, with each of them focused on a specific muscle group. For example, early on in the week, our full-body workouts focus on lower body movements; mid week sessions focus on hip hinge movements such as deadlifts. To finish off the week, an entire body focused sessions hits all the muscle groups equally.

We’ve found that this technique is optimal with our clients achieving incredible results, whilst still being about to recover and enjoy the journey. 

3 Benefits to Full-Body Workouts:

A full-body workout has a variety of benefits that makes it an effective and practical approach for the vast majority of people. 

1. No matter what your end goal is, a full-body workout can be tailored to achieve your goal. If you wish to lose weight and burn some fat, an effective full-body session will be great at burning a huge amount of calories, as you’ll be activating all the muscles in the body through performing a range of compound exercises. Exercises that target greater muscle mass, are much more taxing on your body and you’ll find yourself breathing heavily and burning lots of calories. Therefore, your body will have to work harder to rebuild and recover your fatigued muscles after you’ve finished training. This requires work and energy from your body, placing your body in a higher calorie burning state for hours after your session. 

2. Working out with a full-body approach will also help reduce the risk of developing a muscular imbalance. Particularly for individuals who are sitting at a desk all day long, full-body workouts will ensure each muscle group is being trained equally to prevent any muscle groups being neglected. 

3. The final benefit of full-body training is related to frequency. Performing full-body workouts means you can reduce your frequency of training throughout the week. If you were to break up muscle groups throughout the week, you’re likely to only work each muscle group once or twice, needing to be in the gym 5+ days a week. However with an effective full-body routine, you’re able to hit the whole body, giving you results you want to see, along with more fat loss from fewer sessions. you can hit the whole body and make incredible strength and fat loss results from fewer sessions.

To conclude, full-body workouts are an excellent choice for many people. Not only are they a great method of training for burning those calories and burning fat, but they’re also great for building strength and working the muscles hard during sessions throughout the week. It’s a sensible and sustainable choice, as it enables people to get the results they want to see, but without having to be in the gym everyday of the week.



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