29 Jul 2019

Many of the workouts we programme for our clients here at 360 include a carry variation. A common one being a heavy ball carry or a dumbbell carry overhead. 

To many, a carry style of exercise can seem unfamiliar, however we believe a carry should be utilised more often in people’s training if they’re looking to develop a lean and strong physique that not only looks great but moves and functions well also.


How does a carry exercise benefit you?

There are numerous benefits to executing a carry exercise in your workout. A few major benefits can include building core strength and stability, boosting grip strength and improving your posture. A carry exercise really is an excellent tool to develop full body strength, whilst building a body that moves well and escapes injury. 

Core strength: A carry exercise is a great method of core training, bracing your core and avoiding back over-extension is an excellent method of building core strength. Developing the core will improve your performance in and out of the gym whilst also helping to improve posture and minimise your risk of injury.

Grip strength: Improving your grip strength may seem insignificant, however, improved grip strength will support you in many of your compound exercises such as a deadlifts, rows and lunges. Enabling you to maximise your lifts! 

Isometrics: An isometric hold is where a muscle is producing force without movement. Such as holding a heavy object in one position for a long duration. Isometric holds in the form of a ball carry or a plate overhead hold, can be great at building shoulder strength and stability. 

Cardiovascular fitness: A heavy carry can put your entire body under strain, including your heart. Holding a carry for 60+ seconds can really increase your heart rate and work your cardiovascular fitness.


How to add a carry into your workouts!

A great way to add a carry to your sessions is to either pair it with a strenuous compound exercise such as a heavy push or pull. Or add it into a sweaty finisher such as a circuit or alongside a piece of cardio equipment.


At 360 we help our members through their entire fitness journey. Moving well, managing nutrition, smashing workouts and achieving goals! Interested in taking control of your health and fitness? Come along and try a session on us!

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